Divorce is one of the common terms in the United States. It is a legal procedure to end the marital life. There can be several grounds for divorce such as irreconcilable differences between the couple, lack of communication, adultery, difference in religion and culture, sexual incompatibility, domestic violence, addiction to alcohol, financial crisis, untreatable mental illness, and abandonment. It is also important that you should know the different types of divorce, as it may differ from one state to the other. Let us have a look at some common divorce types one by one.

Contested Divorce: This is the most common type of divorce in the USA. When both the parties do not agree on the issues such as child custody, property division, and alimony, then it becomes a contested divorce. In this case, both the parties have to hire an attorney so that they can fight for their rights. It is one of the costlier affairs as well and it can take several months or even years to obtain the final divorce decree.

Uncontested Divorce: When both the parties agree on the terms and condition and come to a conclusion regarding property division, child support, and finance, then it can be referred as uncontested divorce. In other words, both the couples end their marital life through mutual understanding. This is the easiest divorce and saves a lot of time and money. In this type, you do not require the assistance of any attorney.

Fault Divorce: In this type of divorce, you have to provide the proof of the wrong doing of your partner in order to obtain the divorce. If the judge agree to the proof provided, then they the individual can get the divorce decree; otherwise the petition will be rejected.

No-Fault Divorce: This type of divorce was introduced in order to simplify the divorce process and couple can obtain divorce in quick time. Earlier, it was necessary to prove the fault of the partner, while seeking for divorce, but now there is no need to do so. The couples get divorced based on irreconcilable differences. Nowadays, this is the most preferable type that many couples opt for.

Amicable Divorce: A divorce can be amicable only when both the parties agree to end their marriage legally and they should be able to sort out the legal issues such as child custody, alimony, and property division without the interference of any third person. But, if the couples find it difficult to understand the legalities of the divorce, then they can hire a lawyer who will assist them with the legal terminologies.

Do-it-Yourself Divorce: As the name suggests, do-it-yourself divorce is a procedure to end your marriage without the help of any third party and save money on my divorce. The couples file for the petition, submit the legal documents and complete all the processing of divorce with their own. The cost involved in this type of divorce is very less and therefore it is mostly preferred by the couple in different parts of the United States.

In nut shell, if you are going for the divorce, then it is suggested to choose for such a type of divorce that can be easily done with minimal cost involved.

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